Screening API


The Screening API allows JazzHR users to seamlessly integrate a Partners' screening services into their JazzHR recruiting workflow.


The workflow outlined below is based on HR Open Standards.

Screening Workflow


When a JazzHR user decides to utilize a Screening Partner's integration, they must input a bearer token to verify the authentication credential. This bearer token uniquely identifies the user within the Screening Partner and is included in the header of all requests. See Authentication section below for more information.

Credentials Modal

List Catalog

JazzHR user selects a desired screening package from the Screening Partner catalog to incorporate in their recruiting workflow.

Create Order

JazzHR user orders an assessment package for a particular candidate.

Create Order Modal

When creating the order, JazzHR will pass information about the person (subject) and package when creating the order.

Retrieve Results

The Screening Partner notifies JazzHR once the screening(s) are complete. JazzHR subsequently retrieves and stores the summary result.

Active Order

Status Values

  "In Progress",
  "Needs Attention",
  "Pending Recruiter Confirmation",
  "Sent To Candidate",
  "Invite Expired"

When the results are retrieved from the Screening Partner, the status value should be one of the following listed:


Authorization: Bearer <token>

The bearer token associated with the verified JazzHR user will be included in the Authorization header of all requests.

This bearer token should uniquely identify the user within the Screening Partner system.


To begin the integration process, please provide JazzHR with the following information:

  1. verifyURL
  2. listCatalogURL
  3. orderScreeningURL
  4. retrieveResultsURL
  5. Test bearer token

JazzHR will provide the Screening Partner the following:

  1. A unique partnerId
  2. Sandbox access
  3. Screening Notification Url

API Endpoints

More information concerning Screening API endpoints, requests, and responses can be found here.


Run in Postman

A Postman collection has been made available to facilitate the Screening API implementation process. To make use of this resource, please import the collection and provide values for the included collection variables. This collection contains a set of test scripts that can interact with a collection run to help verify your API implementation.